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Posted by Fabio D. Martins on 08/03/2017

Boeing Flight Test

The pilot who wishes to make the route has won v$ 500.00 of payment and an Award with the image of the route.

Flight - BOE4 - KBFI/KBFI - Operated with the 787-800 - C-GHPT of Air Canada

Route: SEATL4 SEA NORMY J70 MLP GTF 4632N08706W 4626N08908W 4301N09715W 4352N09907W 4358N09958W 4306N10033W 4245N09958W 4229N09834W 4122N10101W 4254N10552W 4312N10730W 4314N10848W 4302N10919W 4235N10907W 4157N10820W 4112N10654W 3932N10210W 3717N10133W 3757N10243W 3803N10323W 3702N10401W 3633N10320W 3604N10117W 2827N09937W 2652N09820W 2814N09844W 3438N09829W 3538N09819W 3745N09715W 3610N09249W 3533N08953W 3148N08837W 3126N08754W 3503N08731W 3457N08616W 3539N08713W 3809N08411W 3820N08458W 3642N08915W 3804N09148W 3935N09604W 4143N09442W 4230N09354W 4601N08829W 4631N

Boeing Test team draws in the sky during 18 hour endurance test

With time to spare in the air, a Boeing test team got creative, flying a route that outlined a 787-8 in the skies over 22 states. The nose is pointing at the Puget Sound region, home to Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The wings stretch from northern Michigan near the Canadian border to southern Texas. The tail touches Huntsville, Alabama. The flight plan is visible using a flight tracking website like Flight Aware. The 787 Dreamliner is designed to allow carriers to provide more direct flights on long-distance routes.

Live Flight Tracker

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Remaining ETA

Latest 10 Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
SIA336Ola ChristensenWSSSLFPGB777-300ER12.56-385 ft/mPending    
SWR2807Kieron RodgersLSGGLSZHB777-300ER00.36-129 ft/m Accepted    
SWR2806Kieron RodgersLSZHLSGGB777-300ER00.38-219 ft/m Accepted    
DLH2119Matej GrcarEDDWEDDMCRJ90001.14-200 ft/m Accepted    
THY1985Chun Ho PangLTBAEGLLB777-300ER03.57-362 ft/m Accepted    
AVA249Jorge Andres Guzman RomeroSKBOSBGRA330-20005.16-218 ft/m Accepted    
ACA709Nico NuferKLGACYYZA319-10001.11-114 ft/m Accepted    
UAL1284Nico NuferKIAHKLGAA320-20002.51-157 ft/m Accepted    
SAS623Matej GrcarEKCHEDDWCRJ90000.56-331 ft/m Accepted    
SAS1284Matej GrcarEKBIEKCHCRJ90000.43-82 ft/m Accepted    

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Pilot Status
ANA859 Tokyo International Airport Hong Kong International Airport Kouta Hikaru Climbing
SIA336 Singapore Changi International Airport (HUB Singapore) Charles de Gaulle International Airport Ola Christensen Arrived

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
THA1155 VTCC VTBD Chun Ho Pang A320-200 HS-TXM 1.15 Hours
THA1272 VTSP VTCC Chun Ho Pang A320-200 HS-TXM 2 Hours
THA205 VTBS VTSP Chun Ho Pang A330-300 HS-TEK 1.2 Hours
THA961 ESSA VTBS Chun Ho Pang B777-300ER HS-TKN 10.2 Hours
SAS534 EGLL ESSA Chun Ho Pang B737-600 LN-RPY 2.3 Hours

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