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Posted by Ilies Younsi on 04/06/2018

Star Alliance Long Haul Tour:

Dear pilot,

We have just added a Star Alliance Event Long Haul Tour all drivers is welcome.We are pleased to find you on our Discord server

More details see Tours

Good flight !

Member of Star Alliance

Live Flight Tracker

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Altitude Speed Remaining ETA Status

Latest 10 Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
ADO19Edwin ChitamboRJTTRJCCB767-300ER01.35-607 ft/mPending    
AEE114Fotis FoteinosLGAVLGTSA320-20001.01-210 ft/m Accepted    
SLK226Fabio D. MartinsWSSSWARRA320-20002.24-9 ft/m Accepted    
QTR1136Salah Al-MahdouriOTHHOOMSB777-300ER01.48-282 ft/m Accepted    
DLH2415Vidar GunnesESSAEDDMA320-20002.06-293 ft/m Accepted    
SFJ22Edwin ChitamboRJBBRJTTA318-10001.01-254 ft/m Accepted    
APJ318Edwin ChitamboRJAARJBBA320-20001.35-303 ft/m Accepted    
CAL133Chu JesperROAHRCKHB737-80001.50-124 ft/m Accepted    
SAS2636Frank LindbergEDDFESSAB737-70002.01-205 ft/m Accepted    
IBK3606Fabio D. MartinsEKCHEIDWB737 MAX 802.21-235 ft/m Accepted    

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Pilot Status
NAX4241 Stockholm-Arlanda Airport Gran Canaria Airport Vidar Gunnes Cruising

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
NAX4241 ESSA GCLP Vidar Gunnes B737-800 B738 5.55 Hours
ANA859 RJTT VHHH Kouta Hikaru B787-9 B789 4.35 Hours
QTR1137 OOMS OTHH Salah Al-Mahdouri B777-300ER B77W 1.39 Hours
JAL20 ZBAA RJTT Edwin Chitambo B787-8 B788 3.35 Hours
CCA712 RKPC ZBAA Edwin Chitambo B737-800 B738 2.35 Hours

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