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Posted by Ilies Younsi on 04/06/2018

Star Alliance Long Haul Tour:

Dear pilot,

We have just added a Star Alliance Event Long Haul Tour all drivers is welcome.We are pleased to find you on our Discord server

More details see Tours

Good flight !

Member of Star Alliance

Live Flight Tracker

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Aircraft Altitude Speed Remaining ETA Status

Latest 10 Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
QTR777Salah Al-MahdouriOTHHKMIAA380-80016.31-151 ft/mPending    
UAL735Michael De ChantalKTPAKIADA320-20002.02-102 ft/mPending    
THY378Fabio D. MartinsLTBAUGTBA319-10002.130 ft/mPending    
AUA9131Vidar GunnesLOWILGKOA320-20002.58-839 ft/m Accepted    
AUA286Vidar GunnesEDDFLOWIA320-20001.04-601 ft/m Accepted    
ANA874Kouta HikaruVHHHRJBBB747-40003.24-333 ft/m Accepted    
QTR714Salah Al-MahdouriKIAHOTHHA380-80015.56-218 ft/m Accepted    
NKS729Michael De ChantalKORDKTPAB737-80002.36-157 ft/m Accepted    
ASL390Fabio D. MartinsLYBEEDDHA319-10002.30-63 ft/m Accepted    
SIA495Stefon WhiteOMDBWSSSA330-30007.02-188 ft/m Accepted    

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Pilot Status
THA673 Kansai International Airport Suvarnabhumi Airport (HUB Thai Airways) Kouta Hikaru Pushing Back
QTR778 Miami International Airport Hamad International Airport Salah Al-Mahdouri Preflight
MSR704 Milano / Malpensa International Airport Cairo International Airport (HUB Egypt Air) Muhammad Farid Climbing
TAP348 Lisbon Portela Airport (HUB Tap) London Gatwick Airport Cedric Monfleur Cruising

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
THA673 RJBB VTBS Kouta Hikaru B787-8 B788 5.5 Hours
QTR778 KMIA OTHH Salah Al-Mahdouri A350-900 A359 13.55 Hours
MSR704 LIMC HECA Muhammad Farid B737-800 B738 3.4 Hours
TAP348 LPPT EGKK Cedric Monfleur A320-200 A320 2.3 Hours
UAL485 KIAD KORD Michael De Chantal B757-200 B752 1.59 Hours

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