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Posted by Fabio D. Martins on 03/24/2017

Hawaiian Airlines routes

Dear pilots

From now on we have Hawaiian Airlines routes in our system.

The request was made by the pilot ANA0190 - Kouta Hikaru

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airline in Hawaii. It is the 8th largest commercial airline in the US, and is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The airline operates its main hub at Honolulu International Airport and a secondary hub out of Kahului Airport on the island of Maui. Hawaiian Airlines operates flights to Asia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia and the United States Mainland.


A330-200, B767-300ER, B717-200, ATR42-500 operated by Ohana by Hawaiian

Now I need help, Airbus and Boeing need to deliver the aircraft, whoever can make the transfer will be grateful.

Airbus delivery

STA7000 - LFBO / KJFK - Airbus A330-200 - N382HA

STA7000 - KJFK / PHNL - Airbus A330-200 - N382HA

Boeing Delivery

STA7001 - KBFI / PHNL - Boeing 767-300ER - N584HA

The pilot performing the route will receive payment of  vUS$ 200.00

The deliveries will be closed on 04/30/2017.

Flights available on SmartCars.

Thank you and good flights

The staff team

Live Flight Tracker

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Remaining ETA

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
ADR307Matej GrcarLSZHLJLJA319-10000.59-125 ft/mAccepted
APJ582Kouta HikaruRJCCRJAAA320-20001.38-245 ft/mAccepted
VNL822Fabio D. MartinsRJKARJAAA320-20002.13-129 ft/mAccepted
ADR306Matej GrcarLJLJLSZHA319-10001.01-131 ft/mAccepted
ANA1711Kouta HikaruRJBBRJCCB737-80001.37-199 ft/mAccepted

Live Flight Board

Icon Flight Departure Arrival Pilot Status
EVA197 Narita International Airport (HUB All Nippon) Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (HUB Eva Airlines) Kouta Hikaru Cruising
AVA14 Alfonso Bonilla Aragon International Airport Madrid Barajas International Airport Jorge Andres Guzman Romero Cruising
ANZ750 Auckland International Airport (HUB Air New Zealand) Nadi International Airport Ilies Younsi Taxiing to Runway
SAS4412 Oslo Gardermoen Airport Tromsø Airport Eilif Helstrup Taxiing to Runway
ADR838 Ljubljana Jože Pucnik Airport (HUB Adria) Pristina International Airport Matej Grcar Climbing
DLH2555 Odessa International Airport Munich International Airport Viacheslav Mirin Cruising

Flight Bids

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
ANZ750 NZAA NFFN Ilies Younsi A320-200 ZK-OAB 3.1 Hours
DLH2555 UKOO EDDM Viacheslav Mirin CRJ900 D-ACKC 2.2 Hours
ADR839 BKPR LJLJ Matej Grcar CRJ700 S5-AAY 1.25 Hours
ADR838 LJLJ BKPR Matej Grcar CRJ700 S5-AAY 1.3 Hours
EVA197 RJAA RCTP Kouta Hikaru B777-300ER B-16705 3.35 Hours

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