Flight ANZ5351

  • Submitted By: Fabio D. Martins
  • Departure Airport: Christchurch International Airport (NZCH)
  • Arrival Airport: Dunedin Airport (NZDN)
  • Aircraft: ERJ-145 (E145)
  • Flight Time: 00.54
  • Date Submitted: 04/09/2020
  • Status: Accepted
Flight Details
Gross Revenue:
(41 load / $ 200.00 per unit
$ 8, 200.00
Fuel Cost:
(458 fuel used @ 1 / unit)
$ 458.00

Comments by

Fabio D. Martins Conection Internet Error\r\n\r\nFlight ANZ5351 flight report log Date April 09 2020\r\nFlight ID: ANZ5351\r\nPilot: Fabio D Martins\r\nCompany: Star Alliance Virtual\r\nAircraft: Embraer 145LR\r\nFlight Date: April 09 2020\r\nDeparture: 11h38 (00h39 GMT)\r\nArrival: 12h32 (01h32 GMT)\r\nFrom: NZCH - Christchurch Intl - New Zealand\r\nTo: NZDN - Dunedin - New Zealand\r\nNbr of Passengers: 44\r\n\r\nReport:\r\nFlight Distance: 176 Nm Landing Speed: 127.91 kt\r\nTime Airborne: 00h46:36 Landing Touchdown: -69.2 ft/m (kiss)\r\nFlight Time (block): 00h54:48 Landing Pitch: 4.29°\r\nTime On Ground: 00h18:55 Landing Weight: 22584 kg\r\nAverage Speed: 227.86 kt Total Fuel Used: 372 gal\r\nMax. Altitude: FL 300 Fuel Not Used: 557 gal\r\nClimb Time: 00h15:05 Climb Fuel Used: 220 gal\r\nCruise Time: 00h12:45 Cruise Fuel Used: 65 gal\r\nAverage Cruise Speed: 370.78 kt (M0.61) Cruise fuel/hour: 307 gal (calc)\r\nDescent Time: 00h18:46 Descent Fuel Used: 86 gal\r\nPassenger Opinion: Exceptional flight (100%)\r\n-Were in a better mood because they had food.\r\n-Were pleased by the music on ground. A very nice addition to their flying experience.\r\nFinancial Report:\r\nTicket Income: +$4,329 (176 Nm)\r\nCargo Income: +$5,356 (5444 kg)\r\nServices Income: +$123 (1 sandwich 0 hot food 1 drink)\r\nServices Cost: -$82 (20% quality)\r\nFuel Cost: -$1,361 (372 gal Jet-A1)\r\nAirport Taxes: -$70 (Large Aircraft)\r\nInsurance Costs: -$415 (4.29% rate)\r\nTotal Real Income: $7,880 \r\nTotal Income: $394,000 (real x50) \r\nFleet Bonus: $1,428,815 (25 aircraft)\r\nTotal Sim Income: $1,822,815 (total income+fleet bonus)\r\nCompany Reputation:\r\nConsidering that the flight was perfect the ticket price low, the service price normal and the service quality bad, passengers on this flight think that your company\'s reputation should be 100%\r\nYour company reputation is now: 99% (+0.09 increase)\r\nOverall Flight Result: Perfect\r\nPilot Bonus points: 230 points\r\nYou made a very smooth landing. (+50)\r\nPerfect Flight, no problems and very satisfied passengers. (+150)\r\nYou landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)\r\n

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