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AH-124-100 AN-140-100 AN-148-100 AN-158 A318 ACJ A319 ACJ A319 NEO A320 NEO A321 NEO AH-225 A300-600R A300-600F A310-300 A318-100 A319-100 A320-200 A321-200 A330-200 A330-300 A330-800 NEO A330-900 NEO A330-200F A340-200 A340-300 A340-500 A340-600 A350-900 A350-1000 A380-800 A300B2-200 A300B4-200 A300-600ST A400M-180 YORK 685 HS-748-2A ARJ21-700 ARJ21-900 AN-12BK AN-24RV AN-28TP AN-74TK-200 ATR-42-300 ATR-42-500 ATR-72-500 ATR-72-600 ATR-72-200F BAE ATP BEECH 1900D B247D B377-10-32 B737 MAX 7 B737 MAX 8 B737 MAX 9 B737 MAX 10 146-300 146-300QT B707-300 B707-300F B717-200 B720B B727-100 B727-200 B727-200F B737-200 B737-300 B737-400 B737-500 B737-600 B737-800 B737-900ER B737-300F B737-700 B737-700 BBJ B737-400F B747-100 B747-200 B747-300 B747-400 B747-800I B747-200F B747-400F B747-800IF B757-200 B757-300 B757-200F B767-200 B767-300 B767-400ER B767-300ERF B767-300ER B777-200ER B777-300 B777-200 B777-8X B777-9X B777-200F B777-200LR B777-300ER B787-8 B787-9 B787-10 BAC 1-11-400 CS-100 CS-300 BEECH 80 BEECH 99 BN-2A BN-2A MK III BREGUET 763 C-130 HERCUL CESSNA 172 CESSNA 182 CESSNA 208 CESSNA 208BF L-100-30T L-100 HERCUL CL-44D-4 CONCORDE CRJ-100 CRJ-200 CRJ-700 CRJ-900 CRJ-1000 CV-240 CV-340 CV-440 CV-880 CV-990 DO 228 DO 328 MERCURE 100 DC-10-30 DC-10-30F DC-3A DC-4-1009 DC-6B DC-7C DC-8-73F DC-8-72 DC-9-33F DC-9-30 DH-84 DRAGON DHC-8-Q100 DHC-8-Q200 DHC-8-Q300 DHC-8-Q400 DHC-3 OTTER DHC-6 TWIN O DHC-7-100 EMB-110 EMB-120 ERJ-135 ERJ-140 ERJ-145 ERJ-170 ERJ-175 ERJ-190 ERJ-195 LINAGE 1000 LEGACY 650 LEGACY 600 LEGACY 500 PHENON 100 LEGACY 450 PHENON 300 FALCON 2000 FALCON 900 L FALCON 50X FALCON 6X FALCON 7X FALCON 8X FH-227 F28-MK-100 F27-MK-27 F28-MK-1000 F27-MK-50 F27-MK-50F F28-MK-70 BD-700-1A11 BD-700-1A10 BD-700-2A12 BD-700-2A13 GULFSTR IV GULFSTR V GULFSTR VI HP.81 HERMES DH-106 COMET IL-114-100 IL-18GR IL-62M IL-76TD IL-96-300 DO 328 JET BAE-3200 BAE-4100 JU 52/3M L-1011 L-10A L-188 L-410 UVP-E2 L-1049C LEARJET 45 LEARJET 60 MARTIN 4-0-4 MA-60 MA-600 MD-11 MD-11F MD-81 MD-82 MD-83 MD-90 MRJ-70 MRJ-90 NORD 262A PA-31 PC-12NG RJ100 RJ85 CARAVELLE II SN-601 SAAB 2000 SE.167/P7 SAAB SF340A/ SD-330-200 SD-360-300 SSR 100/95 SA227-AC

TU-134 TU-154 TU-204 HS-121-1E VC-10 VIKING 1B VISCOUNT 757 VANGUARD 952 IAI 124A YAK-40 YAK-42 Y-12 YS-11A-200
Operator:Star Alliance Virtual
Current Location:No Data Available
Total Flights:0
Total Hours:0
Passengers Carried:0
Freight Carried:0
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